Saturday, August 23, 2014

Debugging Tools

Here are a few very useful tools I've run across during my time programming:

Beyond compare (also for MAC, woohoo)
I find beyond compare to be the best compare tool around, so i was ecstatic when i found they finally had a MAC version as well:

Adding colors in XCode debug log

LogExpert. Perhaps the best freeware log tail tool around. Too bad it is only for windows

Using the MAC firewall to block ports/IPs (Up to Yosemite unfortunately)
Blocking port $1:
Sudo ipfw add deny tcp from any to any src-port $1
sudo ipfw add deny tcp from any to any dst-port $1

You will see after each line the rule number. To unblock:
sudo ipfw delete 200
sudo ipfw delete 100

XCode breakpoint in nested projects
How to add breakpoints in XCode for projects included in another project:
1.     Add the breakpoint in the nested project, then go to the breakpoints tab, right click the breakpoint you want, click move to -> user. After this step, the breakpoint will be visible in all projects which are open under "User".
2.     It is also possible to add a breakpoint through the lldb:                        (lldb) b client.m:42

Getting the most out of the MAC's magic mouse
better touch tool for MAC -

MAC Outlook email attach through a file's context menu

github chrome plugin

Multiple Eclipse instances on a MAC
A plugin for eclipse on MAC that allows you to launch more than one instance:
1.       First install the eclipse marketplace:
2.       Help --> Install new Software… --> Add -->

3.       Help --> Eclipse MarketPlace --> Search: OS X Eclipse Launcher

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